birds house

Interior design house birds

320 sq.m. house, Lviv

Tired of laconic black-and-white interiors? And gray is not an answer for your need of warmth and in-home feeling? Then, come in, feel like home in our beloved Birds House, where there is no place for boredom and coldness of modern stale interiors!

Magnificent whirl of colours, prints and textures in the earthy classic interior with retro hints make you feel cosiness of country house: relax near the fireplace or lay back in the cushions with the latest best seller – you are now well-hidden from the outside world!

Colours, though, claim for balance, otherwise extravagance can easily slip into gipsy-style. We carefully led the classic line through the fantastic wood of prints and variety of colours to create a well-balanced and stylish interior not to stay in for a few days, but to happily live in!